Monday, February 8, 2010

Bracing for another snow STORM...

we were dumped upon here in the Midwest this weekend
we are bracing for another STORM

over the next couple of days we may possibly get another 6-8"

snow=no school

i am so ready for Spring already!
the older I get the snow can leave right after Christmas.
what's it like where you are?


Amy said...

It's a dreary, rainy day here, but nothing close to snow. I prefer it that way. :) I like to visit the snow, not live in it.

I love your blog and I am in love with your Etsy store! Truly. One of everything please!

If you are looking for another site to host a giveaway, I am interested.

Melissa said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the nice compliments, I will get started on one of everything for you.

We have received a good amount of snow today already. We are expected to receive maybe 6 more inches tonite with blowing and drifting. Sounds like fun, huh?

I am ready for Winter to be over. I will keep you in mind for future giveaways.

Best wishes.