Thursday, February 25, 2010


this sweet girl does not get near enough of the attention that she deserves

she is the one that gives this guy the majority of the attention he gets

and this is the way i feel most of the time

this is Josie she is my youngest {4}, she is with me everyday all day except for Wednesday & Friday from 9-12 for preschool
Josie will turn 5 in 17 days
some days i find myself thinking i can't wait till she goes to Kindergarten
and at the same time i find myself sad when i think about it
its bittersweet for me
she still needs me, and i still need her to need me
right now i am very busy with orders
not as busy as Christmas time, but i am still very busy
and everybody wants their jewelry yesterday
my house is a mess all the time
i am finding myself completely unorganized
and i want to exercise
i don't mean to sound ungrateful, because i am very grateful
i love what i do, i love that i am able to do it
i have a very wonderful husband/father this is also very supportive
i am just very overwhelmed and i need to find a way to be more organized
and to stop and enjoy this time i have with her
i know i am not alone in this
how do you stay grounded?
i would love to hear your ideas....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~New to the shop & something sweet~

~Rustic Silver~ I am important.... $38.00

~Rustic Silver~ God grant me.... $45.00

I really love making inspirational pieces.
I am always keeping my eyes open for new messages/phrases I can use.
I would love to hear your ideas.
Do you have something you think would be a good inspirational message?
I can always make you one with your own personal message.

I was visiting Stacie over at
(which is a really cute blog, you should check her out sometime)
and I found this really cute wreath that I LOVE,
this wreath is made from
brown paper bags, yes you heard me right.

If you want to make this wreath as badly as I do go visit Taylor over at
here is the direct link to the tutorial:
I can't wait to make this
I will post pictures when I get it made
If you make one also, I would love to see yours.
Have you made anything with Brown paper bags?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

~ Things I Love ~

~this girl~
~this girl~
~this guy~

~and this little guy~

I know I don't tell you all often enough.
but I love you all very much.
and I can't imagine my life without each and everyone of you.
you all have a very special place in my heart.


Sachiko over at came up with these
"Reasons I Love You" homemade Valentines for her kids.
I wish I had seen them before today
Iwill have to keep this in mind for next year.

~I hope you are spending your day with someone you love~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Sweets for you or your sweetie

1} Tree Branch Earrings from:

2} Love You To Pieces Toddler Shirt from:

3} Beautiful Red Bag from:

4} Felt Cake Stand from:

5} You Rock Card from:

6} I love Mom Toddler Shirt from:

7} Circle of Love from:

this is a just a few of the many Valentines gifts that you will find on
of course I had to add one of my very own designs.
do you exchange gifts with your sweetie on Valentines day?
have you found anything cute on Etsy lately?
i would love to hear your ideas.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bracing for another snow STORM...

we were dumped upon here in the Midwest this weekend
we are bracing for another STORM

over the next couple of days we may possibly get another 6-8"

snow=no school

i am so ready for Spring already!
the older I get the snow can leave right after Christmas.
what's it like where you are?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A super cute Valentines Wreath

my blog friend Jen over at Tatertots and Jello has made this too cute Valentines wreath from cupcake liners. She has posted a tutorial over at her blog to make this that is super easy. Check her out she has lot's of other super easy tutorials....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taylor turns ~12~

i can't believe you are 12!

you are growing up to be a beautiful girl....

i can't believe we have done this 12 times already

and what great friends you have (i think)!
you definetly try me, but you make me a better Mom.
you are a great big Sister.
you are considerate of others feelings.
we are lucky to have you for a daughter.
you make good choices in life.
we are sooo glad you came into our lives 12 years ago.
i can't imagine life without you.

i found this on another blog today and I thought it was cute

40 simple ways to show your child love:

1}Take them to a movie they want to see.
2}Go on a treasure hunt (collect all the loose change around the house/car) together and then
make a trip to the arcade with your findings.
3}Take a long nature walk together, at their pace. Let them lead the conversation.
4}Find qualities about them that you genuinely love, and compliment them in front of others.
5}Frame a photo of the two of you, and display it in their room.
6}Put a few Hershey’s Hugs in one of their coat pockets, and Kisses in the other.
7}Play a game with them.
8}Let them win.
9}Make bath time special. Add lots of bubbles, colored soaps, maybe you could purchase a new
tub toy or let them play with things found around the house. I let my kids play with things like
colanders and funnels from the kitchen—they love it. Don’t forget to warm the towel!
10}Send them a handmade card in the mail with a coupon to go get ice cream with you.
11}Gather all the home movies that feature them as the “star” and have a movie night complete
with popcorn and treats.
12}Using blankets and chairs, or a card table, build a clubhouse together and have a picnic inside. 13}Read “I love you” books together.
14}Let them stay up past their bedtime with you and watch cartoon classics together.
15}Do a chore that is normally reserved for them.
16}Tuck an encouraging note inside their lunchbox.
17}Give them your full attention.
18}Tell them some of the ways they make you happy.
19}Make them laugh.
20}Laugh with them.
21}Make their favorite treat to welcome them home from school with.
22}Show them your joy when they arrive.
23}Ask for hugs and kisses.
24}Listen, and let them make their own decisions whenever possible.
25}Make them a coupon book filled with things they’d enjoy doing, or things they’d like to get
out of doing.
26}Take a day off from everything: work, household duties, technology, etc. and focus entirely
on them.
27}Cook together.
28}Write them a poem using the initials of their name.
29}Decorate their room for no reason.
30}Create a sign that lavishes them with praise.
31}Kidnap them from school and take them out for lunch.
32}Make home a fun place to be.
33}Make a treasure box from an old shoe box, fill it with “gold” (chocolate coins) and make an
official looking treasure map with clues for them to locate the hidden treasure with.
34}Go to the store and let them pick out all the ingredients to make banana splits. Make and eat
them together.
35}Wrap up in a warm blanket together and take turns making up stories to tell each other.
36}Make a list of things you love about them and put it on their pillow before bedtime.
37}Talk about what they did in their day at dinnertime.
38}Sit down together and write a list of fun activities to do in a day. Write each idea on small
slips of paper, roll up the papers and stick them inside balloons. Blow up all the balloons and
then pop one balloon at a time until you’ve completed all the activities.
39}Play back rub/tickle games—ie; Spider crawling up you back…
40}Make a CD with all their favorite tunes and have a dance party.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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