Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~New to the shop & something sweet~

~Rustic Silver~ I am important.... $38.00

~Rustic Silver~ God grant me.... $45.00

I really love making inspirational pieces.
I am always keeping my eyes open for new messages/phrases I can use.
I would love to hear your ideas.
Do you have something you think would be a good inspirational message?
I can always make you one with your own personal message.

I was visiting Stacie over at
(which is a really cute blog, you should check her out sometime)
and I found this really cute wreath that I LOVE,
this wreath is made from
brown paper bags, yes you heard me right.

If you want to make this wreath as badly as I do go visit Taylor over at
here is the direct link to the tutorial:
I can't wait to make this
I will post pictures when I get it made
If you make one also, I would love to see yours.
Have you made anything with Brown paper bags?


MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

I want to see the pics when you get it made! I'm going to add a reader pics section when I start getting some!

marissa said...

so pretty

Tasha said...

I just LOVE your jewelry. I am just saving my money for the one that says "I choose Happiness" I love that you do inspirational pieces. Really, they are just beautiful.