Thursday, February 25, 2010


this sweet girl does not get near enough of the attention that she deserves

she is the one that gives this guy the majority of the attention he gets

and this is the way i feel most of the time

this is Josie she is my youngest {4}, she is with me everyday all day except for Wednesday & Friday from 9-12 for preschool
Josie will turn 5 in 17 days
some days i find myself thinking i can't wait till she goes to Kindergarten
and at the same time i find myself sad when i think about it
its bittersweet for me
she still needs me, and i still need her to need me
right now i am very busy with orders
not as busy as Christmas time, but i am still very busy
and everybody wants their jewelry yesterday
my house is a mess all the time
i am finding myself completely unorganized
and i want to exercise
i don't mean to sound ungrateful, because i am very grateful
i love what i do, i love that i am able to do it
i have a very wonderful husband/father this is also very supportive
i am just very overwhelmed and i need to find a way to be more organized
and to stop and enjoy this time i have with her
i know i am not alone in this
how do you stay grounded?
i would love to hear your ideas....


Tasha said...

I can definatly relate to you on this one. I just seem to have to take a few days here and there and really just play. Give up on the cleaning, the making, the doing, and actually sit and play or watch or movie with or do something with them. I have to admit I need to be better too though. You are amazing. And inspiring. Thank you.

Melissa said...

Tasha, sometimes before I know it the day is almost over and we have done nothing together. The days just fly bye. I like your party hat, I might have to make that for my daughters birthday.

Best wishes!

jenjen said...

Melissa --
I can so relate! My youngest is just about the same age as yours. I feel so badly most of the time that she is stuck watching tv when I should be taking her to the park. I just get so caught up in my blog and making projects. And I don't even get paid for it. Last week I was seriously considering stopping the blog altogether. It is so hard to balance things and feel like the family is getting the attention they deserve.

Great post. I love that you are keeping it real. It is so discouraging to see blogs that seem like life is easy and perfect while my house is a disaster.


Mandy said...

I randomly stumbled across your etsy, and I love your jewelry! Especially all the initials.

Glad I found you :]